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Employer Assisted Tuition Deferred Payment Plan


What is Tuition Deferment?

Drexel University has established a deferred payment plan for students attending the University as part of an employer education assistance program. Students who are accepted into this plan may defer their tuition payment until 30 days after the term has been completed. Only tuition covered under the employer’s reimbursement plan may be deferred; tuition not covered must be paid on time. The student is personally responsible for any financial obligations made to the university regardless of employment status or the length of time it will take their employer to process their reimbursement. Tuition balances not covered under an employer education assistance plan must be remitted by the original due date. Not all students who apply for tuition deferment will be accepted into the program. 


Steps to Obtaining Deferment

  • Download the Tuition Deferment Application (PDF) 
  • Verify with your employer the amount of tuition that will be reimbursed and what steps you need to take in order to apply for tuition reimbursement.
  • Once you are accepted, the following items need to be submitted to the Office of Student Financial Services along with your tuition deferment application, in advance of each term in which you plan to enroll:
    • Proof of employment
    • A copy of the employer's education assistance plan
    • A check, money order, or credit card authorization to cover the $30.00 participation fee

Drexel Central

For more information and instructions about tuition deferment and financial aid, please visit Drexel Central.


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