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Financial Assistance for Your Online Education

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You may not realize it – but you could be eligible to receive financial assistance for the Drexel Online academic program you choose. Through aid programs, grants, scholarships, and other student loans listed below, you can subsidize a substantial portion of your education.

Apply Early

It's important to submit your application as soon as possible to be deemed eligible for assistance. If you anticipate being dependent on federal loan or grant programs in order to start classes at Drexel, be aware that any federal loan or grant money for which you qualify will likely not be available to you until 8-10 weeks after you have completed ALL of the following tasks: 

  • Correctly submitted the FAFSA form  
  • Correctly submitted the Drexel University Institutional Financial Aid Application
  • Submitted an Application for Admission with all supporting material (e.g. all transcripts) 

Drexel's posted application deadlines are designed to assure that students are admitted sufficiently in advance of the start of a term to obtain textbooks and complete other start-up and orientation activities. These deadlines are NOT designed to allow sufficient time to guarantee processing of financial aid requests. 

Timely receipt of financial aid funds also assumes that the student pre-registers for courses and promptly responds to additional financial aid requests such as signing promissory notes, completion of federally required entrance counseling, and supplying documentation if selected for verification. 

Financial Aid Resources

Drexel Central

  • Visit Drexel Central, your one-stop service for managing student finances and registration.
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