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Drexel University Online Student Katherine McNamara Conquers Acting and School - College Magazine

October 16, 2012

Katherine McNamara is not your average teen. She appeared on Broadway at age 13, graduated high school with honors by age 14, and is now 16 years old pursuing a full time acting career and business degree online.

McNamara is a Drexel University Online student earning a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Administration through the Lebow College of Business.

“I’d love to use my acting career as a platform for starting a charity and helping others somehow,” said McNamara. “And the business education is already coming in handy because I feel like I’m better at reading contracts and stuff like that.”

While balancing her work and school life, McNamara found time to play the character of “Myra,” a monster in Disney Channel’s original movie Girl vs. Monster. The movie premiered this week and is about a teenage girl who discovers she’s a fifth generation monster hunter.

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