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Drexel Nursing Programs Welcome New Nurses, Career Changers - Online Colleges

November 6, 2012

Drexel University Online student Tracy Shaltis was recently interviewed about her experience as a nursing student in Drexel's RN-BSN program. Like many working professionals, Shaltis recognized a need to further her education.

“I was asked to interview for a dream position in pharmaceutical sales, but wasn’t hired because I didn’t have a BSN," said Shaltis. "I signed up for a BSN program that week. I would not get turned down for a position due to education again.”

The RN-BSN program allows students who already hold registered nurse (RN) credentials to complete their Bachelor of Science in Nursing completely online, usually while they work as nurses in the field. Karen Goldschmidt, assistant clinical professor of nursing and department chair of the RN-BSN online program, said not only is there a persistent nursing shortage, but there is also a push for nurses to become better educated. 

Much of Drexel’s push for a highly-educated nurse workforce was inspired by the Institute of Medicine’s 2010 report “The Future of Nursing.” The report calls for 80 percent of nurses to have at least bachelor’s degrees by 2020.

For many nursing students, like Shaltis, an in-person program was not an option. She often works 15-hour shifts and sometimes could only do her schoolwork at 3 a.m. While she had initially enrolled in an online RN-BSN program at another school, the Pennsylvania resident had heard great things about Drexel, and liked the 10-week terms it offers.

“Drexel looks great on a resume,” said Shaltis. "I work in hospice now and I love it, but the BSN is a degree in leadership. I have already spoken at a medical conference and have been offered a great job once I graduate, and that’s all thanks to this degree."

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