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Drexel University Online to Launch Master of Science in Education Improvement and Transformation Degree

January 14, 2013

Starting this spring, students will be able to enroll in Drexel University Online and the Drexel University School of Education's new Master of Science in Education Improvement and Transformation (EIT) Degree program. Available entirely online, the EIT master’s program is intended for graduate students and educators who wish to lead significant initiatives in various education sectors.
“This new program was launched in response to mid-career educators requiring additional credentials to meet the evolving needs of their profession,” said William Lynch, dean of the School of Education. “The EIT degree further pushes our initiative to develop leaders with the expertise to collaborate and solve complex problems related to transforming institutions and educating diverse populations.”
The program is structured around professional development concentration sets that are timely, appropriate, and immediately applicable to today’s educator. The topics of these sets include creativity and innovation, educational policy, evaluation and assessment, leadership in educational settings, learning technologies, and urban education.
“The education sector is constantly evolving to incorporate new learning technologies and techniques,” said Eric Hagan, senior program director at Drexel University Online. “Our new Education Improvement and Transformation master’s degree is providing educators with the necessary credentials to assist in their leadership pursuits.”
The concentration sets within the EIT master’s program are also offered as individual professional development certificates for those students who have a desire for a particular skill set but are unable to commit to a degree program immediately.
“The EIT offers individuals and employers customizable education packaged in three course sets for in-depth learning of knowledge and skills,” said Dr. Edward Bureau, executive director of Education Doctorate (EdD) Programs for the School of Education. “The flexibility to choose which professional development courses to take and when to take them sets the EIT apart as a nimble option within the market of graduate education.”
The online EIT master’s program is led by Bureau, who recently served as a member of a team that revised program guidelines used by the Pennsylvania Department of Education to approve graduate programs granting professional certifications to school and district administrators. His current research efforts focus on the learning processes and impact of transcontinental, live interactive sessions between EdD cohort members on the east and west coasts.
For more information on this program or to enroll, please click here