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Graduate Certificate in Homeland Security Management

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Gain the knowledge and competencies in security strategy and policy development

Drexel’s Online Graduate Certificate in Homeland Security seeks to produce professionals practicing in the defense and security of the homeland, in both the public and private sectors. Several federal and state government agencies and many private-sector employers are involved in homeland security to some degree. Moreover, job growth is expected at local, state, and federal levels, thus creating an increased demand for homeland security education. This certificate provides, in a concentrated format, the most contemporary knowledge and skills needed in this important area for students who do not wish to pursue a master's degree, but who would value a credential that demonstrates their learning.  Credits from the Graduate Certificate in Homeland Security Management can be applied toward an MS in Professional Studies. 

As the events of 9/11/01 have proven, a centralization provided by the Department of Homeland Security is necessary for the successful coordination of local and state, as well as federal and private security units.  Interagency cooperation, coupled with the proper dissemination of information, is what leads not only to the successful response to domestic disasters, but also to the prevention of such tragedies. Drexel University’s Online Graduate Certificate in Homeland Security Management seeks leaders prepared to answer this call.

Career Paths

Government careers related to homeland security include immigration services, U.S. customs and border protection, intelligence, transportation security, secret service, federal law enforcement, nuclear detection, narcotic enforcement, and emergency management. However, homeland security jobs are not just in government. Moreover, many government agencies and private-sector employers seek workers who have or are eligible to obtain a security clearance, especially those working in information technology.

Learning Outcomes

Students in this certificate program will develop competencies and knowledge relating to:

  • Homeland security strategy and policy development
  • National security issues in terrorism
  • Critical infrastructure protection
  • National security intelligence
  • Land and maritime border and port protection
  • Developing technologies in homeland security

Specifically, graduates of this program will be able to:

  • Design and modify plans and programs at federal, state, and/or local levels to reflect the evolving strategic policy issues associated with a statutory and presidential direction for homeland security.
  • Recognize terrorist groups’ proclivities in order to forecast the risks, types, and orders of magnitude of terrorist threats most likely to confront the nation-state.
  • Develop policies, procedures, and protocols to allow seamless agency integration from prevention to incident response scenarios.
  • Recognize the multidisciplinary nature of homeland security functions and be able to assess and integrate various functional areas.

Who Should Choose Homeland Security Management?

Students who may benefit are those in federal, state, and municipal government, especially those involved in law enforcement, facilities, emergency medical personnel, fire personnel, and concerned citizens. Prospective graduate students at Drexel that are likely to be interested in courses in this program include construction management, architecture, and engineering (all disciplines).

Program Features

As the emerging field of Homeland Security Management enters an unprecedented stage of maturation, new threats and new challenges are beginning to surface. Drexel University’s graduate certificate not only attacks these challenges from the traditional viewpoint of the international stage, but it is also laced with the experience of professionals from the private-sector and experts in technology as well. Situated directly between Washington D.C. and New York, Drexel Online’s home city of Philadelphia is ideally located at the forefront of this burgeoning field. Students will have the advantage of academics, experience and location no matter from where they hail.

Program Structure

The program consists of 18 credits (6 graduate courses) and is organized in 10-week quarters.  Breaking the year’s academic work into shorter modules of 10 weeks each helps you stay focused and on track.  The certificate can be completed in three quarters (by taking two classes per quarter).   Students should speak with an advisor to determine a specific course plan.    

View the curriculum for the Graduate Certificate in Homeland Security Management.

Students wishing to complete this certificate in the context of a Master’s degree should consider the MS in Professional Studies with a concentration in Homeland Security Management.

Applications are accepted on a rolling basis. Apply Today 

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