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Frequently Asked Questions 


Are Drexel Online’s programs accredited? 

Drexel University is accredited by the Middle States Commission on Higher Education. This is the highest accreditation authority for colleges in Delaware, the District of Columbia, Maryland, New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania, Puerto Rico, the U.S. Virgin Islands, and other locations overseas. Institutions such as Carnegie Mellon, Columbia, Cornell, New York University, Princeton, and the University of Pennsylvania have the same accreditation. 


What should I expect from Drexel’s online program? 

You should expect the same content and rigorous academic standards as Drexel University’s on-campus programs. Our programs are usually taught by the same professors who teach on campus – typically tenured faculty members of Drexel University, with PhD degrees and distinctions for their research and expertise in the subjects they teach.

There is no distinction between on-campus and online students. In fact, when you complete your degree, your diploma and university transcript will be the same as those of students who earn their degrees on campus.


Are all programs 100% online? 

Most of our programs are conducted 100% online and do not require you to travel to Drexel’s Philadelphia campus. Some of our programs however do require residencies, internships, or student teaching positions as a graduation requirement.

For the most part, all residencies, field experiences, action research activities, or internships are conducted at a facility or school convenient to you. Students work with their academic advisor or the Administrative Assistant to the Director of Certification Programs and Experiential Learning (if you are applying to certain programs in the School of Education) in order to set up locations for their hands-on training.

Some nursing programs and our MBA program do require you to attend Drexel’s campus in Philadelphia during the course of the program. Those program requirements are outlined in each program’s curriculum overview.


How much time do students spend on coursework? 

Based on student feedback, we have found that students generally spend about 9-12 hours per week on coursework. This includes participating in online classes, responding to postings, reading assignments, and exams.


What is the length of Drexel’s online programs? 

The time it takes to complete a Drexel University online program will vary from student to student. Factors for determining the length of the program include transfer credits (for those programs that accept transfer credits) and how many courses a student takes per quarter.

On average, students take 1-2 courses per quarter because of family and work commitments. Students may take as few or as many courses as they want per term, as long as the program is completed within 7 years.

Please note that some programs are offered in a cohorted format. This means that while they do not need to attend class at a certain time or day, they will need to be enrolled in the same classes as the rest of the students in their program. Each individual program overview will note if the program is cohorted.


What is the application process like? How long does it take? 

Applying to Drexel's online programs is much like applying to any other university. Prospective students fill out a complete application with information on previous educational experience, work experience, GPAs, admissions essays, and a resume.

As a convenience to you, our application process saves the work you’ve already completed, so you can take your time, returning to the application module when it’s convenient to you. In addition to that, there’s absolutely no application fee, unlike many other universities.

The application process can take several weeks to complete, once a prospective student has submitted their application. Admissions counselors will work with applicants to submit the proper transcripts and other necessary information and will send the complete application to our admissions board. Once they’ve reviewed an applicant’s information, a decision to offer enrollment will be made.

Our applications are accepted on a rolling basis, but to be considered for the next term, applicants must submit their materials by the next application deadline.


Does Drexel Online accept transfer credits? 

Transfer credits are accepted for some degrees and programs. Most notably, transfer credits are accepted for all bachelor’s degree programs. Some graduate degree programs – including some information science and technology programs and nursing programs – accept transfer credits.

Check with your specific program to find out what the transfer credit and credit for life experience policies are.


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