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MS in Professional Studies: Creativity Studies Concentration

Become a leader of innovation in your workplace

The Creativity Studies Concentration within Drexel’s online MS in Professional Studies is designed to give today's working professionals a competitive advantage across industries. Creativity is integral to succeeding in today's fast-paced and dynamic working environment. Organizations that harness and nurture the creative potential in their workforce are leaders in their respective fields. This program provides the most contemporary knowledge and skills needed in this important area.

In a world of increasing complexity, change, and competition, generating new ideas and solutions, and bringing them to the forefront of organizational strategy is now essential for corporate management. Creativity is multidisciplinary – it is in all professional fields from chemistry to engineering, from education to computer science, and from sociology to business. Successful organizations, in all fields, view creativity as vital and are the ones that instill progressive business practices throughout the organization. The application of creativity skills distinguishes managers who maintain the status quo from leaders who inspire a new direction or vision. By internalizing the spirit of creativity and the principles of creative problem solving, individuals can be transformed into leaders of change.

Upon completion of Drexel’s online degree in Professional Studies, students will have formed an in depth understanding of creativity, enhanced communication, creative problem solving, and how these may be applied to practical situations that further enhance their organization’s overall performance. Specific training includes: 

  • Forming a body of knowledge of leading creativity researchers and their theories, specifically Sternberg, Torrance, Amabile, Csikszentmihalyi, Guilford, and Gardner 
  • Developing skills in problem solving and how these may be applied to practical situations 
  • Enhancing own creative potential and learning how to develop the same in others 

Who Should I Choose the M.S. in Professional Studies: Creativity Studies Concentration?  

Individuals from any industry and educational background who want to enhance their personal creativity skills and infuse creativity throughout their organizations will benefit from this program. Students from other online Master's programs at Drexel, such as the MS in Communication, could use their free elective credits to earn the Certificate in Creativity en route to their online Master's degree. 

Drexel at the Center of Creativity

Drexel is headquarters to the American Creativity Association (ACA), affording students access to some of the world’s most prominent thinkers, researchers, and writers in the field of creativity and innovation. The Drexel/Torrance Center for Creativity and Innovation, directed by Dr. Fredricka Reisman, is housed directly in the Goodwin College of Professional Studies on Drexel's main campus in Philadelphia. The Torrance Center promotes cutting-edge creativity through programs that cultivate skills in creative thinking, innovative leadership practices, and problem solving-techniques. The Center works to enhance individuals' creative through their ability to imagine new ideas by developing otherwise unseen solutions for both day-to-day and long term problematic situations.  The Applied Creativity Graduate Student Association (ACGSA) offers students an opportunity to work together to promote innovative leadership within and outside of Drexel University. 

Expertise in the Workplace

A recent IBM study conducted amongst 1,500 chief executive officers worldwide identified creativity as the most important leadership quality of the future (watch video). Many of these CEOs were from Fortune 500 companies like Pepsi, BF Goodrich, Ford Motor Company, Disney, Time Warner, and K-Mart - all of whom employ a “Chief Innovation Officer” or “Chief Creativity Officer” as part of their executive staff. The diversity of these companies reflects the multidisciplinary nature of career options for graduates of the MS in Creativity and Innovation. 

Join us for our on-campus open house to learn more about this program.

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