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AACSB Accredited Online MBA Program (MBA Anywhere™)

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Drexel's Online MBA Degree Program 

Drexel University’s accredited online MBA degree—known as the MBA Anywhere™ program—is offered through the prominent LeBow College of Business at Drexel University.

The MBA Anywhere™ program is a highly-rated MBA offered online with the same curriculum and resources as Drexel’s on-campus MBA students. This program is an AACSB Accredited  24-month, part-time program organized in cohorts (groups) to establish an important learning community that studies and grows together.

MBA Anywhere™ Curriculum  

Drexel’s online MBA curriculum is a comprehensive program that emphasizes business practices alongside leadership and ethics, technological infrastructure, and industry perspectives. Students tailor their academic experience to their personal career interests by selecting from one of five concentrations (shown below) and have the opportunity to enroll in the Flexi-core option that features online MBA courses from LeBow's 5 Centers of Excellence

  • Marketing Concentration - Emphasizes marketing skills in the context of planning, strategy, research and management. This concentration is designed to meet the needs of individuals pursuing career advancement in marketing for both profit and non-profit organizations. 
  • Finance Concentration - This is the broadest available concentration, examining financial theories, risk management, capital budgeting, credit management and related areas. Elective courses in several specialized areas are also available. 
  • Entrepreneurship Concentration - A multi-disciplinary concentration that focuses on identifying and evaluating entrepreneurial opportunities, acquiring capital and other resources, and advanced strategies on growing new ventures. Curriculum includes corporate entrepreneurship (developing radically new products/services for an existing business) and joining already-established new ventures. 
  • Business Analytics Concentration – Participants will be trained to access/analyze business data and processes for improved commercial decision-making. This concentration prepares students to make evidence-based business decisions through an understanding of performance from a systems view that uses statistical and quantitative analysis of data to develop explanatory and predictive modeling.  The concentration is designed for students who have an interest in quantitative methods and data analysis, and want to enter a career in business analytics.
  • Healthcare Concentration - This concentration is designed for healthcare professionals who are looking to manage delivery systems, as well as executives in the pharmaceutical and life sciences industry.  It is designed to teach the economic, regulatory, political, and technological forces that shape the healthcare industry in a competitive global market.

Skills and Career Potential  

Drexel University's world-renowned faculty trains students to master the fundamentals of business, identify leadership strengths and think strategically using quantitative data. These skills are immediately applicable in participants’ present workplaces, helping to make Drexel's programs a valuable commodity and one of the top online MBA programs.

Graduates of Drexel University's accredited online MBA degrees experience immediate career advantages. According to the Graduate Management Admission Council, the average starting salary for graduates of MBA programs has increased by 4.2 percent over the last year, reaching $92,360. Businesses reported they plan to hire 18 percent more MBA graduates this year.

Drexel’s MBA Anywhere™is not your average online degree:  

  • A distinguished online MBA program. Drexel’s MBA Anywhere™ features the academic rigor and recognition of LeBow College of Business at Drexel University, one of the most recognized academic and research institutions in the US. Drexel’s online MBA is accredited by AACSB International, the highest accreditation for a U.S. Business School. LeBow has an exceptional reputation for leadership, corporate partnerships and technological assets that enable students to lead successful careers following graduation.
  • Outstanding faculty. Internationally-renowned faculty members at Drexel University's LeBow College of Business are among the world's most preeminent business educators. Our faculty is comprised of proven business pioneers who incorporate applied experience with the latest business and technological advancements. Professors are experts both in their fields and at bringing real business experience to the classroom.
  • Career-oriented curriculum. The accredited online MBA curriculum (51 credits through 19 courses) shapes talented working professionals who are prepared to step into leadership roles.
  • Dexterous and interactive e-Learning system challenges and engages students. Small class sizes of 25 to 30 students and Drexel’s cohort program enhance opportunities for interaction among peers and instructors who are committed to students' success.
  • On-site residencies. This MBA program features one required residency and the option for a second international residency. Residencies are four-day intensive courses exclusive to the MBA Anywhere™ degree program and are implemented to stress the importance of social interaction in the learning process. 


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