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Graduate Certificate in Community College Administration & Leadership


The Graduate Certificate in Community College Administration and Leadership is a six-course, 18 credit program that can be completed in 12 months.

Choose 3:
EDHE 634Proposals & Sponsored Projects3.00 credits
EDHE 664Strategies for Educational Success3.00 credits
EDHE 668Transformational Leadership3.00 credits
EDHE 669Diversity in Higher Education3.00 credits

EDHE 500Foundations of Higher Ed3.00 credits
EDHE 705School Law & Politics3.00 credits
ORGB 631Leading Effective Orgs3.00 credits

Course Descriptions

EDHE 634 Proposals & Sponsored Projects - 3.00 credits

Provides knowledge and skills required to acquire and manage sponsored projects from a variety of sources including learning and practicing process of developing proposal, organizational vision, goal setting, political realities, and budget in addition to compliance management and reporting.

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EDHE 664 Strategies for Educational Success - 3.00 credits

Examines research on historical and contemporary responses to inequality in education; includes multicultural education, culture of poverty, single race/sex schools; addresses new trends and strategies affecting equity in education, including immigrants, sexual identity, age, gender, organizations, developmental education, and special needs learners (i.e older adult learners and students with disabilities).

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EDHE 668 Transformational Leadership - 3.00 credits

Reviews research about community college leadership, with an emphasis on transformational leadership, creation and implementation of a vision; develops skills in how to identify, interact, and mobilze key community organizations and constituents with an emphasis on board relations and community development.

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EDHE 669 Diversity in Higher Education - 3.00 credits

Course examines research on issues of race, class, gender and disability in education in historical and contemporary contexts; emphasizes evidence-based data analysis, specifically qualitative analysis of data; introduces qualitative analysis of data, assumptions, designs, collection, analysis, and research ethics.

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EDHE 500 Foundations of Higher Ed - 3.00 credits

Study of historical growth and advancement of colleges and universities in U.S. from Colonial era to virtual public and private universities. Integrated overview of contemporary issues, policies and practices that characterize the operational environments of higher education institutions in the 21st century; including financial management, accreditation, curriculum, and institutional planning.

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EDHE 705 School Law & Politics - 3.00 credits

This course is designed to assist students with their understanding of how law, politics, and power structures interact to influence the goals and operations of the schools. Students will study the roles of school boards and community organizations, state boards of education, state government agencies, special interest groups, professional organizations, and unions.

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ORGB 631 Leading Effective Orgs - 3.00 credits

Prepares students to make informed decisions as leaders in common institutional and environmental contexts. The focus of the contingency-based perspective of this course is to help leaders understand how best to motivate and coordinate employees and to control outcomes in a manner that ensures they fulfill strategic objectives.

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