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Post-Bachelor's Teaching Certification - Secondary Education

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Drexel's Teaching Certification 

This Teaching Certification program is designed for individuals who hold a Bachelor's degree and who seek to qualify for state Teacher Certification at the Secondary level. This program, consisting of a blend of online coursework and field experiences, is designed for career-changers as well as those who already serve as temporary, emergency, or substitute teachers and wish to earn a formal teaching certification.

Drexel University’s Pennsylvania Department of Education-approved online teaching certification programs certify students who already hold Bachelor's degrees to be teachers in:

  • Secondary Education (7-12)
    • Biology
    • Chemistry
    • Earth and Space Science
    • English
    • Environmental Education (K-12)
    • General Science
    • Mathematics
    • Physics
    • Social Studies

Students completing the online teacher certification program have the option to continue coursework to earn the MS in Teaching, Learning and Curriculum: Teacher Certification Track degree. All graduate credits earned in this teaching certificate program may be applied toward the Master’s degree.

The Post-Bachelor's Teaching Certification program requires certain undergraduate content courses in the subject areas that the student will be teaching or in subject areas required specifically by the Pennsylvania Department of Education in addition to the graduate level core pedagogy and praxis exams. Please see the Secondary undergraduate content courses. After completing an application, the applicant’s graduate advisor will review all their transcripts to determine which undergraduate content courses the applicant must complete in addition to all PA required Praxis exams and Core Pedagogy courses before they will be recommended for any PA Instructional I Teacher Certification.  If an applicant is required to take undergraduate content courses, their Graduate Advisor will inform them directly and must pre-approve all undergraduate content courses to be taken either through Drexel or at another accredited institution.

Teaching Certificate for students intending to become teachers in Pennsylvania

This Teacher Certification program will prepare you for a Pennsylvania Instructional I Certificate. Students have the option of earning the Graduate Intern Teaching Certificate during the course of the program. Please note: The Graduate Intern Teaching Certificate feature is only available to qualified students who plan to teach in Secondary (Biology, Chemistry, Earth & Space, Environmental Education, General Science, Mathematics and Physics) in Pennsylvania. Secondary Social Studies is NOT available as a PA Intern Certification.  

Students Intending to become teachers outside of Pennsylvania

This teaching certification program will prepare you for a Pennsylvania Instructional I Certificate. Through operation of interstate reciprocity agreements, a Pennsylvania teaching certificate may be converted to the analogous teaching certificate in another state. We recommend prospective students contact their state’s Department of Education to find out these transfer procedures before proceeding. Learn more about interstate reciprocity policies eligibility, and requirements in your state.

Teaching Certification Key Program Features

  • Convenience: Offers you flexible certification and degree programs that can fit into your busy work and personal schedule. The only face-to-face requirements are the various field experiences and student teaching in your subject/grade specialization, conveniently arranged in an approved and appropriate school in your area.
  • Quality: Online teacher certification courses are developed and taught by the nationally recognized faculty of the School of Education - the same faculty who teach Drexel's on campus courses.
  • Interactivity: Drexel's highly interactive online e-Learning method allowing extensive interaction with faculty and other participants within blackboard and PreK-12 classrooms through observations, and a variety of field experiences.
  • Practicality: Provides participants with the tools to lead curricular innovations and instructional improvements, especially in English, Literacy, Mathematics, Science and Technology.
  • Innovation: The School of Education at Drexel University seeks to enrich knowledge and practice related to lifespan learning, based on the most current and appropriate research and practice.

Drexel University is regionally accredited by the Middle States Commission on Higher Education. The Teaching Certification Programs are fully approved by the Pennsylvania Department of Education.

Students enrolled in Drexel's teacher certificate and education programs are eligible to participate in Student Teaching at the Department of Defense Dependent Schools (DoDDS). Learn more about DoDDS.


Applications are accepted on a rolling basis for all four terms. Apply today!  


Drexel University is not currently accepting applications in this program from prospective students living in following states: Iowa, North Carolina, Louisiana, South Dakota, and Wisconsin. 

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