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Master of Science in Human Resource Development

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Earn a master's in Human Resource Development online for a career in organizational leadership

In today's increasingly complex world, business and organizational leaders must be innovative, adaptive, and global in both thought and action.  Drexel's accredited interdisciplinary online Master's in Human Resource Development focuses on improving learning and performance at the individual, group, and organizational level. The online M.S. in Human Resource Development is uniquely positioned at the intersection of business and education.  Participants gain access to Drexel's distinctive blend of theory, practice, and problem-based action learning.  Students are exposed to the best of today's thought leadership and are able to utilize the tools and frameworks needed to drive learning, performance, and change in their own organizations.

The MSHRD coursework can be completed online within two years and is a rigorous combination of cutting-edge theory and current workplace practice.  The program is unique in that it delves into strategic human resources and workplace learning in collaboration with performance, organization development and change.

View a video of a former student, Nicole Meo'Martino, speaking about her experience in the MS in Human Resource Development program.  

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 Human Resource Development concentrations  

Students enroll in the accredited MS in Human Resource Development as part of a cohort, taking all courses together to allow interaction and networking opportunities among peers; each student may choose one of the following concentrations:

  • Strategic Human Resources: Students learn the essentials of organizational leadership, learning and strategy creation in terms of designing and aligning HRD practices within the broader context of strategic human resources management.
  • Evaluation & ROI: Students develop critical competencies for evaluating the quality, value and impact of HRD programs, intervention, and solutions.  Focus is on evaluation models, frameworks and processes, survey construction, and other data collection methods that measure HRD's impact and ROI.
  • ISD & E-Learning: Students learn instructional design and development fundamentals via a wide range of e-learning technologies associated with training and learning delivery.
  • Project Management: Students develop project management capabilities for application in a variety of fields. Coursework is aligned with the internationally-recognized Project Management Institute's Body of Knowledge (PMBOK).

Drexel's internationally-recognized Co-Op program 

The accredited Online Master’s in Human Resource Development requires a culminating two-term Capstone Portfolio Co-op that provides students with an opportunity to either complete a final research project or a traditional co-op work experience.  Co-op options include one of the following:

  • A defined capstone research project sponsored by a partnering organization, which must include: 
    • Assessment:  A strategic needs assessment, performance and root cause analysis, organizational diagnosis, or employee/customer survey effort designed to identify HRD priorities for learning, performance improvement, action planning and change, and/or organizational effectiveness.
    • Evaluation:  A comprehensive evaluation project involving the measurement and evaluation of an existing HR, training and learning, OD and change, and/or performance improvement program, solution, or intervention.
  • An independent research project designed by the student. A Capstone/Co-op instructor will be chosen as the project advisor. This is writing intensive option requires:
    • A thoughtful introduction of the research including the purpose of the study, research questions and thesis statement.
    • A thorough, focused review of relevant literature.
    • A synthesis and analysis that advance the understanding of the topic (e.g. provides new insights and conclusions into a pressing problem in the field; offers a new and useful model or heuristic relevant to HRD).
  • A traditional Co-op consisting of a part-time appointment and/or internship within an organizational setting (20-25 hours per week, in person or telecommuting online) for at least 10 weeks (a full term).  This option requires a focused literature review on the work being performed and the development of a career plan related to the experience.
    • Note:  This option cannot occur within your current place of employment and is generally geared for those who are not employed and/or are planning on changing careers (i.e. students new to the field and practice of HRD).


Applications are being accepted for the Fall & Spring terms. Apply today! 


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