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Preparing Teachers for Creative and Student-Centered Instruction in The Classroom

Drexel University’s accredited Master’s of Science in Mathematics Learning and Teaching represents a highly evolved synthesis of research-based practices and a collaboration between the School of Education’s leaders in mathematics education, creators of the Award-Winning Math Forum @ Drexel.

This 45 to 46 credit program can be completed on a part-time basis and offers students an opportunity to achieve both a Master’s degree and a Drexel University Certificate in Graduate Study:

  • Drexel University’s online M.S. in Mathematics Learning and Teaching is designed to provide teachers with the preparation needed to clearly communicate successful techniques to help students reason through mathematical challenges with an analytical multiple-solution approach. It provides teachers with the disposition, skills and breadth of expertise needed to implement problem-based and technology-intensive instruction that is student-centered. Ideal for teachers interested in further study and earning positions in cutting-edge mathematics learning and teaching, this program also equips participants wth leadership skills that will enable them advocate better educational practices in their home schools and districts.
  • The Certificate of Graduate Study in Mathematics Learning and Teaching consists of five 3-credit courses that prepare teachers for further study and development in exceptional mathematics teaching and learning. CGS students take courses alongside MS students and are encouraged to matriculate into the MS program.  Click here to apply for this certificate program. 

Drexel Online’s accredited Master's in Mathematics Learning and Teaching features:   

  • Convenience – A flexible online degree program that easily fits into your busy work and personal schedule
  • Quality - Online courses developed and taught by the School of Education’s nationally recognized faculty - the same faculty who teach Drexel's on campus courses.
  • Interactivity – You’ll enjoy online, discussion-based courses, along with regular synchronized problem-solving sessions.

Please note this program requires proof of certification for teaching at the middle or high school level for admission. Private or charter school teachers without certification can contact the program director for further evaluation. Applicants without certification can also pursue other M.S. programs and take MLT courses as electives or content courses.  

About the Math Forum @ Drexel: 

Drexel's accredited Graduate Program in Mathematics Learning and Teaching involves a collaboration between the School of Education and the Math Forum @ Drexel.  This award-winning association enhances student experience in the classroom and beyond.  Learn more about the Math Forum @ Drexel below.

The Math Forum @ Drexel has become one of the most successful applications of the Internet to any field of education. The Math Forum is an online community bringing together tens of thousands of students, teachers, educators, and mathematics enthusiasts to do solve mathematic problems and learn from each other.

  • Selected as one of the Best Web Sites for Teachers on the Internet  
  • Selected as one of the 101 Best Web Sites for Secondary Teachers and 101 Best Web Sites for Elementary Teachers (by the International Society for Technology in Education)
  • Received a 2002 Sci/Tech Web award by Scientific American
  • Selected by PC Magazine as one of the Top 101 Most Incredibly Useful Web Sites 

Click here to view the curriculum for our Master's in Mathematics Learning and Teaching .

Graduate Education Non-Matricuated Option
Do you need continuing education requirements, Act 48 credits, or just looking for professional development and only want to take a couple of classes? Learn more about our non-matriculated option. 

Applications are accepted on a rolling basis for the fall & winter terms. Apply today!  

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