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Bachelor of Science in Health Services Administration

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The tuition rate for the 2013-14 academic year is $424 per credit (a 40% discount off Drexel's regular undergraduate tuition rate of $707 per credit and applies only to new online matriculated students).    

This program consists of 180 quarter credits (equivalent to approximately 120 semester credits). You may transfer up to 135 quarter credits (equivalent of 90 semester credits) from other college studies.

Important Note Regarding Financial Aid: Students in this program may be classified as full or part-time based on the number of credits taken per quarter. Financial aid options, especially government-sponsored loans and grants, are affected by your registration time status (less than half-time, half-time, full-time). See the Tuition & Financing section of this Web site for detailed information or to contact a Drexel Financial Counselor to discuss your options.

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