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MHS in Physician Assistant Post-Professional Master's Program

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Expand Your Career Options as a Physician Assistant with an Advanced Degree 

Drexel University Online offers the Physician Assistant Post-Professional Master’s program for working physician assistants seeking graduate credentials for career advancement and in-depth study.This enhanced Master’s program provides fundamental graduate education courses as a basis for personalized professional development.

Drexel’s online Post-Professional Physician Assistant program is different than other online degrees. This prestigious program has been developed by Drexel University’s nationally-ranked College of Nursing and Health Professionals (CNHP)—a leader in training healthcare professionals for over 100 years.

All courses are taught by acclaimed CNHP faculty, providing a higher-quality online degree than any other online college or university.

Since 1890, Drexel's nationally-ranked College of Nursing and Health Professions has provided a rich environment for students to develop skills in evidence-based practice, teaching, medical informatics, research, and leadership in the healthcare industry.

 Specialty areas include:

  • Health Promotion
  • Clinical specialties
  • Complementary and Integrative Healthcare information
  • Study in clinical research

Drexel’s Post-Professional Master’s degree for Physician Assistants offers online students the same education and resources as those on campus. 

The Physician Assistant Master’s degree seeks to: 

  • Enhance basic physician assistant skills and mentor students in areas of study beyond those offered in entry-level physician assistant programs
  • Develop individually-selected areas of study concentration for personalized professional development, augmented by the expertise of seasoned faculty and the vast resources of the university 
  • Strengthen analytical thinking by providing a foundation for scholarly inquiry.
  • Mentor physician assistants to enhance the PA profession, its members and the communities they serve

Drexel’s program features an interactive e-learning method that engages students, while remaining convenient for working physician assistants.

The College of Nursing and Health Professionals also offers special tuition plans for employees of health system partners. Please ask your employer if you qualify. 

This is a 45-credit graduate program that is able to be completed in a full or part-time capacity by qualified physician assistants.

Interested in learning more? 

Click here to view the PA Post- professional Master's curriculum or select one of the links on the tabs at the top for additional information about the program. 

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