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Online Certificate in Healthcare Informatics


The Certificate in Healthcare Informatics program consists of 9 credits and is organized in 10-week quarters.

Core Courses (9 credits)
INFO 648Healthcare Informatics3.00 credits
INFO 731Organization & Social Issues in Healthcare Informatics3.00 credits
INFO 732Healthcare Informatics: Planning & Evaluation3.00 credits

Course Descriptions

INFO 648 Healthcare Informatics - 3.00 credits

The course presents an overview of all aspects of healthcare informatics, including medical, nursing and bioinformatics. It provides an introduction to the applications of information systems in a variety of healthcare environments, including education, research and clinical settings. It includes extensive reading and critical discussion of relevant professional research literature.

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INFO 731 Organization & Social Issues in Healthcare Informatics - 3.00 credits

Presents an overview of sociotechnical issues in healthcare informatics, focusing on patient care and biomedical research settings. Deals with the human, social, and technological aspects of healthcare IT. Focuses on the role of information professionals in applied healthcare IT settings.

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INFO 732 Healthcare Informatics: Planning & Evaluation - 3.00 credits

Introduces planning and evaluation of healthcare informatics applications. Through critical reading, students learn the planning and evaluation cycle and become familiar with quantitative and qualitative methods and measures. Through lectures and assignments, students select a healthcare problem, formulate a problem statement, select evaluation methods and measures and write a proposal. Pre-Req: INFO 648 Healthcare Informatics

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