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Master's Degree, Bachelor's Degree or Certificate in Information Science/Systems

*As of September 2014, all iSchool (College of Information Science and Technology) programs will be offered by the College of Computing and Informatics 

LIS Student


Susan Maszaros, Class of 2007
MS in Library and Information Science


These programs are offered by the iSchool at Drexel (also known as the College of Information Science and Technology), an internationally recognized center for education and research in all facets of information science and systems. A pioneer in online education, the iSchool at Drexel offered its first program online in 1995. Online programs lead to the same information technology degrees you would earn on Drexel's campus.

Master's Degrees in Information Science/Systems

Master of Science in Information Systems 

This master's degree provides a thorough overview of all stages of system engineering as a life-cycle process and prepares information systems designers and developers for successful careers as information system professionals (45 credits - 15 courses). 

Master of Science in Library & Information Science /uploadedImages/a1795_NewConcentration.gif 

Prepares tomorrow's information professionals for roles such as Web developers, knowledge management specialists, competitive intelligence analysts, or digital librarians. This master's degree online is accredited by the American Library Association (ALA) (45 credits - 15 courses). 

Master of Science in Software Engineering - Information Science & Technology (IST) Track 

An online master's degree program that provides an understanding of the latest technologies and tools that are being developed and encompasses behavioral, managerial and technical aspects of software engineering (15 courses).

MS in Health Informatics

The MSHI focuses on the systems of informatics and psycho-social aspects of the healthcare field. The program provides students from diverse academic and professional backgrounds with the knowledge and skills to use information and knowledge processing methodology and information and communication technology efficiently and responsibly in order to improve health outcomes in varied settings, including medicine, nursing and public health in primary and hospital care, industry, government, and academia.  (45 credits - 15 courses) 


Certificate Programs in Information Science/Systems

Certificate in Healthcare Informatics 

The goal of the Certificate in Healthcare Informatics is to provide knowledge and skills in the application of information technology (IT) in the provision of healthcare. Graduates of the program will gain knowledge and skills useful in taking on additional healthcare IT-related responsibilities or embarking upon new careers as managers or developers of healthcare IT systems (9 credits). 

 Certificate in Cybersecurity, Law & Policy 

The online certificate in Cybersecurity, Law & Policy allows students to receive the fundamentals on cybersecurity, policy, and issues of cyber law.  It is the first of its kind that examines technical and policy issues under one umbrella while looking at issues of cybersecurity. (9 credits). 

Advanced Certificate of Information Studies and Technology

This non-degree, independent study program provides specialized training beyond the master’s program. It is intended for librarians, software engineering, information systems professionals, and specialists in related fields who wish to update their education or develop new expertise (24 credits - 8 courses).

Library Science Specialist Programs 

Post Master's Archival Studies Specialist Program 

The Post-Master’s Specialist Program in Archival Studies meets the needs of students who want to gain the skills necessary to work with archival records and papers in all formats.  Graduates can work in archival settings, including government agencies, libraries, historical societies, corporations, not-for-profit organizations, museums, and religious institutions. 

Post Master's Digital Libraries Specialist Program 

The Post-Master's Specialist Program in Digital Libraries prepares professionals to work with digital library systems, digital resources, collections, and services in a variety of settings, including academic, public, and special libraries.  Courses focus on designing digital library interfaces, organizing and accessing digital collections, and using appropriate and cutting-edge technologies. 

Post Master's Youth Services Specialist Program 

The Post-Master's Specialist Program in Youth Services focuses on the information needs of children and teens and on the design and provision of information services to meet those needs. 

Post-Master’s Competitive Intelligence and Knowledge Management Specialist Program 

The Post-Master's Specialist Program in Competitive Intelligence and Knowledge Management focuses on identifying and satisfying information needs to support critical activities in special libraries, corporate libraries, and other organizational settings by developing the skills necessary to provide organizations of all types access to critical information and knowledge-based assets they need to support strategic decision making.

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