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Master of Legal Studies Degree from Drexel’s Thomas R. Kline School of Law


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Criminal Law
Health Care Compliance
Human Resources Compliance
NCAA Compliance & Sports Law

Core Curriculum (16 Credits)
LSTU 500SIntroduction to the Legal System2.00 credits
LSTU 501SCompliance Skills: Auditing, Investigation & Reporting3.00 credits
LSTU 502SEthics and Professional Standards2.00 credits
LSTU 503SLegal Research and Analysis3.00 credits
LSTU 507SRisk Assessment and Management3.00 credits
LSTU 540SMLS Masters Capstone3.00 credits

Concentration Courses
Elective courses (16-17 credits) chosen from the catalog of all existing law school courses
Health Care Compliance Concentration
LSTU 504SHealth Care Rules and Regulations3.00 credits
LSTU 505SHealth Care Quality, Patient Safety and Risk Management3.00 credits
LSTU 506SPatients and Privacy: HIPAA and Related Regulations2.00 credits
NCAA Compliance and Sports Law Concentration
LSTU 510SNCAA Governance Process2.00 credits
LSTU 511SNCAA Rules I and Infractions Cases3.00 credits
LSTU 512SNCAA Rules II and Enforcement Process3.00 credits
Human Resources Compliance Concentration
LSTU 520SLegal Issues in Employee Hiring and Termination3.00 credits
LSTU 521SHuman Resources Compliance: Managing the Employer/Employee Relationship3.00 credits
LSTU 522SHuman Resources in Practice: Negotiation, Mediation, and Alternative Dispute Resolution2.00 credits
Criminal Law Concentration
LAW 558SCriminal Law3.00 credits
LAW 670SCriminal Procedure: Investigations3.00 credits
LSTU 530SCorrections Law2.00 credits

Course Descriptions

LSTU 500S Introduction to the Legal System - 2.00 credits

This course will introduce students to the underpinnings of the American legal system by examining the legislative and judicial processes. Students will gain an understanding of where the power to regulate originates and the basis of federal laws and regulations. The course will also focus on specific, substantive areas of the law, such as torts, contracts, and criminal law.

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LSTU 501S Compliance Skills: Auditing, Investigation & Reporting - 3.00 credits

This course serves as an introduction to the growing area of law known as “compliance” and will expose students to key legal and operational concepts in the compliance field. This is a skills-based course that will provide students opportunities to develop internal audit skills and strategies, conduct internal investigation work plans, and draft executive level communications. Students will learn crucial skills such as work plan development, investigative techniques, interviewing methods and executive/board level reporting.

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LSTU 502S Ethics and Professional Standards - 2.00 credits

This course will expose students to fundamental issues and current best practices of managing issues of ethical/legal compliance, corporate social responsibility, and business ethics. Course topics cover business issues such as anti-corruption, environmental crimes/compliance, child labor, employment discrimination, crisis management, whistleblowing, retaliation, fraud, privacy, sustainability, and social enterprise. The course is designed to give students an understanding of how business and legal issues interact and how consideration of both is essential to making sound business decisions in light of legal and ethical considerations.

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LSTU 503S Legal Research and Analysis - 3.00 credits

Students will learn how to conduct legal research, analyze legal issues and synthesize their research in the form of written exercises. They will be exposed to a variety of online research tools in the context of the U.S. legal system and will complete numerous written communications of increasing length and complexity. They will receive detailed feedback on their written assignments and will learn to distill and communicate their research in the most effective ways.

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LSTU 507S Risk Assessment and Management - 3.00 credits

Risk assessment and management has become a crucially important field for private sector business as well as government sector agencies and organizations, particularly over the past decade following the passage of laws such as Sarbanes-Oxley and Dodd-Frank. This course will examine regulatory compliance and risk management issues that impact various corporate and governmental entities, providing students the opportunity to explore risk analysis and compliance in a variety of legal environments. This course will help familiarize students with issues that might arise in corporate risk management departments, contracts departments, risk management consulting, and the regulatory compliance departments of financial services industries, banking, insurance, credit, risk assessment, and benefits management.

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LSTU 540S MLS Masters Capstone - 3.00 credits

This course will provide students with faculty and peer support and guidance in preparing a capstone research project in completion of the Master of Legal Studies. Students will prepare a major written project which may consist of a novel legal claim supported by a substantial literature review or an experientially-based study grounded in a substantial literature review.

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LSTU 504S Health Care Rules and Regulations - 3.00 credits

This course is designed to provide students with an understanding of the laws and regulations prevalent in the health care compliance field. This course will equip students to read and interpret statutory language and to apply statutory and regulatory principles to situations they encounter in the health care field as compliance professionals.

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LSTU 505S Health Care Quality, Patient Safety and Risk Management - 3.00 credits

This course will examine methods and tools for managing quality in health care facilities, physician practices, managed care, and public health settings including developments in quality assurance and improvement, utilization review, risk management, and patient satisfaction.

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LSTU 506S Patients and Privacy: HIPAA and Related Regulations - 2.00 credits

The focus of this course will be the privacy and security provisions of the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 (HIPAA), the foundation for federal protections of health care information. Additionally, the course will examine the interplay between HIPAA and other federal and state health privacy laws and the application and enforcement of those laws in a variety of health care settings. The class will incorporate discussions about the close and evolving relationships among health care policy, evolving social norms, and health privacy laws.

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LSTU 510S NCAA Governance Process - 2.00 credits

This course will allow students to examine whether the increasing intensification of college sports might support or detract from higher education’s core mission. Students will study the NCAA legislative process and analyze the tradeoffs involved between the intensification of athletic programs and educational policy at institutions of higher learning.

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LSTU 511S NCAA Rules I and Infractions Cases - 3.00 credits

This course will cover NCAA Division I rules and regulations with particular focus on recruitment, compliance, infractions, and sanctions. Students will also examine the impact of intercollegiate athletics on undergraduate education, particularly at large public research universities with high-profile football and men’s basketball teams playing at the top National College Athletics Association level.

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LSTU 512S NCAA Rules II and Enforcement Process - 3.00 credits

This course will continue the study of NCAA Division I rules and regulations with particular focus on the conduct of student athletes, the enforcement process, the due process protections afforded student athletes, and the financial impact of intercollegiate athletics on institutions of higher education.

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LSTU 520S Legal Issues in Employee Hiring and Termination - 3.00 credits

Legal issues in hiring and termination of employees are at the core of human resources responsibilities. This course will examine regulatory compliance and management issues that arise in the context of hiring and terminating employees with special consideration of federal law and its continued developments. This course will help familiarize students with issues that arise in human resource departments, particularly as they pertain to those points of entry and exit and where the need to document becomes a critical duty of those managing the hiring, evaluation and termination process.

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LSTU 521S Human Resources Compliance: Managing the Employer/Employee Relationship - 3.00 credits

This course is designed to introduce students to the fundamentals of human resource compliance and regulation and to provide an overview of the skills necessary to manage human resources effectively. The course will examine why human resource management matters in today’s business world and will show how employee performance and legal compliance serve as intermediary processes that connect human resource practices to organizational performance and effectiveness. Students will discuss the various ways in which the employer/employee relationship can be harnessed in positive ways rather than be seen in an adversarial light. This course will highlight issues that might arise in human resource departments, compliance departments and benefits management departments.

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LSTU 522S Human Resources in Practice: Negotiation, Mediation, and Alternative Dispute Resolution - 2.00 credits

Human resource managers deal not only with laws, rules and regulations, but also and foremost, with people. This course explores the practical reality of working in human resources and provides the necessary skills to ensure competency and success. The course focuses on negotiation with subordinates, peers and supervisors; mediation, because human resource workers often act as informal mediators between employees and supervisors; and alternative dispute resolution, as more employers require their employees to submit their complaints to some form of resolution process as an alternative to a formal lawsuit. This course will familiarize students with issues that arise in human resource departments and provide them with concrete tools to analyze, understand, and implement the best possible path to resolution.

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LAW 558S Criminal Law - 3.00 credits

This course examines the principles that underlie liability for criminal conduct. Topics include the definition of crimes and the principles of punishment, the required acts and mental states necessary for liability, and defenses to and justifications for conduct. Specific crimes will be discussed including conspiracy and intentional murder and manslaughter.

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LAW 670S Criminal Procedure: Investigations - 3.00 credits

This course considers the Fourth Amendment's protection against unreasonable search and seizure, the Fifth Amendment's right to Due Process and against compulsory self-incriminations, and the Sixth Amendment's right to counsel, all with particular emphasis on the application of these constitutional provisions within the context of criminal investigation.

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LSTU 530S Corrections Law - 2.00 credits

This course is designed to introduce students to the constitutional rights of prisoners and the implications of those rights for prison management. In particular, students will gain a working knowledge of the role of the First Amendment in regulating inmate mail, associational rights, religious practice, and visitation. They will learn how the Fourth Amendment relates to searches of both inmates and visitors. Students will discover how the Fifth and Fourteenth Amendment Due Process rights control inmate transfer, classification and discipline. They will also learn how the Eighth Amendment controls prison policy with respect to the conditions of confinement and provision of health care.

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