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Innovation and Intra/Entrepreneurship in Advanced Nursing Practice Post-Graduate Certificate

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Earn the Nation’s First Post-Graduate Certificate in Nursing Innovation and Intra/Entrepreneurship

Drexel University's online Post-Graduate Certificate in Innovation and Intra/Entrepreneurship is designed for nurses already accredited with an MSN degree who would like to gain expertise in innovative health care management. The program can generally be completed in one year of part-time study. 

Our online Innovation and Intra/Entrepreneurship in Advanced Nursing Practice Post-Graduate Certificate is designed for nurses holding advanced degrees that see potential in reinvigorating a turbulent health care system. This program is for ambitious students who seek to re-invent and transform the nursing practice.

Graduates of Drexel’s exclusively-online program fill innovative and problem-solving roles as clinicians, educators, administrators and clinical scientists; some students choose to move toward and succeed in the business environment of healthcare.

This certificate was created to attract a varied group of students who have a commitment to radically-changing national and international healthcare systems through entrepreneurial and intrapreneurial approaches to advanced nursing practices.

Highly-disciplined and independent-thinking graduate nursing students whose career objectives may not be met by a more traditional nursing curriculum will find this certificate useful in advancing their careers toward new and exciting fields. The ultimate aim of this groundbreaking degree is to graduate dynamic nurses who will make exceptional contributions to nursing and healthcare.

A Unique & Distinguished Post-Graduate Certificate:

A post-Bachelor's certificate in Innovation and Intra/Entrepreneurship in Advanced Nursing Practice is also available.


If you have any additional questions regarding this program, please contact:

Amy Pelak Rothstein

Student Services Manager



Drexel University is not currently accepting applications in this program from prospective students living in following states: Iowa, North Carolina, Louisiana, South Dakota, and Wisconsin. 

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