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 Certificate in Global Health

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Drexel's online Certificate in Global Health prepares students, professionals, and practitioners to work in changing environments and with diverse populations.  Students who complete this program will be prepared to respond competently to health challenges that transcend geographic and cultural boundaries. 

The program allows students to combine coursework learning with a situation that reflects professional practice in global health and international development. The curriculum is comprised of both online coursework and an integration module and field practicum that includes a 2-3 week supervised experiential (and cultural immersion) global health field experience and study tour that takes place in collaboration with local, international or community-based global health organizations in locations across the globe. 

Students who complete this certificate program will gain competence in the seven domains of global health, as well as in identifying and analyzing factors that impact: 

  • Disparities in health status 
  • Health resources 
  • Access to the health information and services, particularly for marginalized and vulnerable groups 

About Global Public Health at Drexel University 

A commitment to global engagement is core to Drexel University’s mission.  The certificate program is part of the Global Public Health Initiative at the School of Public Health, which was created to provide excellent opportunities for all public health students to gain rich and meaningful experiences working on health issues that transcend national boundaries or that may be influenced by circumstances or experiences in other countries.  The initiative extends the School of Public Health's reach through community-based, local and international programs. Learn more about global engagement and view an interactive map of some of the international research, program and other work of Drexel University's School of Public Health.


Applications are accepted on a rolling basis for the Fall, Winter, and Spring terms. Apply today!  


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