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Look Before You Leap Online: Earning Your College Degree Online - Issue 1 

Listen to Kathleen McDonald, a working professional and online student at Drexel University, talk about her e-Learning experience and share her advice on how  to succeed as an online student.

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Preparation for Your First Online Course - Issue 2 

Listen to Dr. Kenneth Hartman's "Tech Prep for the eLearning rookie."  Dr. Hartman offers four simple steps to help new online students prepare personally and technically for their first online course.

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How to Compare and Select an Online College Degree Program - Issue 3 

Listen as Dr. Kenneth Hartman provides helpful hints for researching and choosing a credible online program. Learn key points to consider and what you can do to ensure that a program suits your needs.

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Strategies for Succeeding in an Online College Course - Issue 4 

Listen to Dr. Kenneth Hartman of Drexel eLearning provide new online students with helpful strategies for succeeding in online college courses. Dr Hartman provides helpful hints in developing a comprehensive plan for first time online learners.

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Using a college’s e-Library - Issue 5 

Features an interview with Drexel University's Tim Siftar (Hagerty Library) on using a college’s e-Library to supplement your online learning.

Podcast Part 1 | Podcast Part 2


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