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Degree in Communications Online

Communication is the foundation for launching successful careers and building strong personal relationships. An  accredited degree in communication gives you the skills necessary to enter any career or profession. Some specific career fields include advertising, public relations, marketing, journalism, technical writing, education, and all media organizations.  From an advertising/public relations agency, to the highest level in the corporate or non-profit world, people who can communicate well are needed and sought after. The skills needed for success are well presented at Drexel. These include principles of communication, public relations, understanding media, technical writing, journalism, and presentation skills.

Master's Degree in Communication

Online Master's Degree in Communication  

The program allows students to focus on technical communication while studying writing, editing, message design, software documentation and ethics.  

Bachelor’s Degrees in Communication

Online Bachelor of Science in Communication
With a concentration in Corporate Communication and Public Relations 

The Bachelor of Science Degree in Communication online is offered by the College of Arts and Sciences. All online communication majors take a common core of courses that emphasize communication theory and methods. Students follow with a concentration in Corporate Communication and Public Relations, which covers a broad range of activities that help an organization and its publics communicate with one another.

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